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Feeling accomplished, as my website is _finally_ given the reworking I've been threatening for years!
Right here.

Screenshot of website

One thing I've noticed is despite using center tags, it looks slightly different given different screen resolutions. And the purple roses and background image all re-align after the rest of the page has loaded! (I'm not entirely sure why this happens..) This is a bit annoying with my 0.1meg/sec narrow-broadband, though on faster speeds you might not even notice this happening at all. The screenshot is how it looks on Vixen, my gaming desktop (with a screen resolution of 1680x1050).

In other news, finally finished editing and printing Anthropomorphine #14! It has a rather nifty cover by XianJaguar.

Anthropomorphine #14 cover

So yay me.

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Hello 2010. The observent will have noticed I haven't posted for a while. This is largely because I don't do many interesting things. Is it worth having a journal?

Anyway I'm sitting in London Heathrow airport with a flight in 3 hours and seeing how LJ looks on Catberry (my Blackberry 8320). Wheeeeee!

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So, my US summer vacation is come and gone, sadly. It never seems to last long enough.. I really need to move to the US to be with my girl :)
Flight over was nice, for once a direct flight with Virgin, so no running around Atlanta airport.. or Charlotte.. or some other "we don't understand
overseas visitors" style 'international' airport.
I had all my Anthrocon art already inked and matted (a first!) before going to the States, so all that was required was the drive down from Connecticut
to Pittsburgh.. only to find my credit card company had put a block on my credit card the second it was used overseas!
Joy! So there we were in the lobby of the hotel, unable to pay for the room. Thankfully after speaking to my bank, and then their credit card
fraud department and verifying I was in fact *abroad* and trying to use my card *abroad*, they relented and removed the block, which let me actually
pay for our room. Phew.
We were rooming with tibble_cgress who didn't get in till very very late, so I was very asleep by this point. Thankfully I'd pre-regged, as
the "reg on the spot" lines on thursday for the convention were longer than a long thing. Shock horror, there was one person in front of me, so I had
to wait, ooh, 30 seconds for my membership. This is the way to register :)
I had 4 pieces in the artshow this year, of which three sold! I'm still waiting to see what they went for, when the paperwork comes back to me from
the convention. I also got to take part in the parade for the first time ever.. I'm in some parade videos out there on youtube too. My new bellydancing
costume went down well! Me and Tibble also did a photo session with dragonscales, waiting the AC photos to appear on their website too.
The furryWAM party was a blast too! *giggles*
It was good to catch up on some comics and fanzines, as well as meeting new artists who might be drawing for Anthropomorphine #14 if I can ever
get the pages filled!
I was able to meet my good friend Tavia again, and give the commission conbadge I did to her. Yay!

Hung out with Jadaira for a time in New York state too (somewhere I'd not stayed before, just driven through on the way to better things! :) ) though
unfortunately time was against me visiting Nami and Miharu in PA. On the "tragic news" front, the awesome Phoenix Records in CT had closed
down.. nooooo! Scene of much cd buying of mine in the past.
I also managed to miss seeing VNV Nation by *half a day!* They were playing in CT the DAY I WENT HOME. Grrr.
Finished my Eluluu cosplay as well, and did a nice photoshoot out at a local CT nature center, which made for really good backdrops.

And that's what I did on summer vacation :)
Up next, Ayacon in a few weeks time, which means I need to get my next colour print finished up ready for the dealers table there, as well as getting
as far as I can with pencilling Distant Thunder #4.

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Despite not getting home till about 2.30am on the monday morning and having to go to work 5 hours later, I had a great time at Kitacon the other weekend.

The drive up was something of a nightmare due to the carpark we lovingly call the M25, meaning I was about 2 1/2 hours late.. I was planning to be about there by the time Cin called! The Ibis where we stayed was functional. Which is about all you need. Annoyingly you had to leave your keycard in a slot to get any _power_ in the room, a pain for leaving things charging up. The Ibis also had the poorest excuse EVAR for a continental breakfast buffet for �5.

The convention itself was good Everything was organised enough that it worked, dealers room was surprisingly small but still decent, likewise for the bring and buy. Hotel had adequate and cheap enough food available too.

Was good to hang with Mary, Subi, Cin, Toffeeliz, Kev.. people were tempted by my catgirl merchandising, though sadly the fridge magnets I'd ordered hadn't arrived in time. Yep, they were
waiting for me when I got home. Typical!

For the curious, my magnets and coffee mugs are at Studio Kitsune @ Zazzle

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So, back from the US, and with Anthrocon not far away, I'll be right back there again!
Kitacon and Ayacon are also pretty close up in the UK as well, so convention season is well underway!
Speaking of which, with no new comic for a little while, while I storyboard Distant Thunder 4, I took it upon myself to open a Zazzle store doing coffee mugs and things..
do check out Studio Kitsune @ Zazzle.co.uk
I'm going to get a couple to have at cons, and see how they do!

I've also been uploading more art to my FurAffinity account. I WILL rewrite my website at some point too :)
Lazy Fox Studios

In other news, Kitaen, my human dps warrior on World of Warcraft is level 80 too now :) Here's the proud moment..

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Geeky gaming moment, as Lillanthia my World of Warcraft level 80 druid got the "Loremaster" achievement yesterday. That's.. well, pretty much every quest in the entire game done (apart from some instance stuff). I'm pretty sure there's one quest left in Northrend to do, but "Basic Chemistry" is bugged right now on our server. :)

Here's some random pictures, as I didn't get any good ones from Anthrocon last year, of me and tibble_cgress from AC 2007 instead. Lovely sunny day on top of the convention center area.

Tibble & Taisia 1
Tibble & Taisia 2

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So, hello 2009. I hope for all those who celebrate such things, Xmas day and new year were fun. Me, I was working on both of them.

A few days ago I made the decision to leave Sweatdrop Studios, the UK smallpress manga collective I helped found some 7 years ago.
The group has developed so much, and so much beyond just make comics, that I didn't really feel at home there any more. Everyone else
in the group had become specialised to the point they could give art demonstrations and seminars, in person to groups and to magazines,
which is pretty damn cool. But that's not me :) So it's back to real smallpress again, and self publishing as Studio Kitsune. I've been getting
on with some manga styled art for possible sale as color prints later in the year too.

World of Warcraft. Where would we be without mentioning that,eh? Well, personally I'd be bloody lonely, err, more lonely, without it.
Been loving the Wrath expansion, my main character, Night elf druid Lillanthia, is level 80, Kitaen, my insane dps warrior is 74, Typhanee
(see what I did with the name there? :) ) my blood elf mage (and future cosplay character!) is 71.
Only downside I've come across so far is questing was a bit easy - saying that, I'm FAR from seeing all the dungeon content as yet! But,
very entertaining, a nice range of quest types rather than just "go there, kill X number of animals". And to anyone who wants some lore
with their game, Wrath really brings it to you. Not to mention, the Death Knight starting set of quests... magnificently epic.

One level 80 druid, on the 3rd of December :) Levelling with the crazy Frenzyheart guys. I promptly allied with the Oracles instead and got
to exalted with them :)

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Haven't posted for a while.. so here's a catch up of things I've been doing. There aren't very many :)

Distant Thunder #3 got finished in time for the London MCM Expo! Yay.
Here's the front cover, colored once again by Cindi Harrington, featuring Taja the thief. (And now you can see
she doesn't actually have black hair, as depicted in the manga itself!)

Went to see a few concerts... truly awesome triple bill, "The Unholy Trinity", Anathema, Paradise Lost and
My Dying Bride all together. Pretty much the founders of doom metal and gothic metal, all in one place for
one night. Oh yes indeedy, it was good :)

Then, with 3 members of Kaldorei Ascendent (WoW guild), we went to Southampton for Turisas (mad
Wagnerian viking metal band) and the one and only DragonForce. Indoor venue did NOT work for
DragonForce's sound, as ZP's vocals got totally lost in the midst of twin guitars and insane keyboard
work, but it was still good to see them live. They really do literally throw beer into the audience too. I'm
sure the cleaners at the venue loved it, carpeted floor and all :)

Before Wrath Of The Lich King came out, I made sure to get my blood elf mage to level 70 on WoW
too. Here's the proud moment :)

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AmeCon in Leicester has been and gone. I decided to go straight after work, which meant packing early in the morning in a crazy
utterly disorganised way. And forgetting to take any towels. Go me. It's held on the university campus, so you get university halls
accomodation. Which is cheap at least :)

Accompanied by thundering Gamma Ray's newest cd out of the car stereo, me and Red Fox made it with a few hours to spare
before the accomodation place closed, to get the room key. Handily there's a supermarket about 5 minutes walk from the halls,
so towels were my friends again :)

Friday saw a very big line outside the main building for registration. This was very badly organised, as it snaked around all over
the place. But inside, there were seperate lines for like "badge name A-D, E-H" etc. Would have made much more sense to
have everyone line like that to begin with! At least Chloe from Sweatdrop was in the line, so I jumped in with her. We weren't
in the dealers room on the friday, which was a huge chunk of missed sales, but I'm lucky in that friday is my day off at work
so I always get it (though this is changing to wednesdays soon. Boo!). I did get to sign over my "bring and buy" stuff, a few
Love Hina DVDs and a few graphic novels. Nearly everything of mine sold, which was a few pounds for drinks back.

Which was good, because AmeCon pretty much became a drinking con with my good friend Keds, there were no events we
were interested in. And aside from taking our turns behind the Sweatdrop table, there was little else to do. And sitting behind
the table drinking Guinness, naturally! :)

There wasn't much to buy special either, I ended up getting the last volume of the Ah My Goddess dvd series, the next volume
of Battle Vixens (manga) and a beanie Nekobus from Totoro. At least we went out for a decent Indian meal on the saturday
evening. For a convention of some 1200 people, it was weird how you saw very few people.. same folks again and again
in the dealers room, but where was everyone? They certainly weren't in the bar, because we were :)

Signed up for KitaCon now, but that's not until next April, in Northampton. MCM Expo in London in October will be the next
big event for me. Time to hurry up inking Distant Thunder #3!

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A level 70 tauren hunter? Surely not. Oh okay then, yes you can have one.

Bowenn at 70

Levelled just past where my warrior hit 70 too. Seems like there's a pattern in the order I do quests :)
My first level 70 hordie, and 3rd level 70 over all. Time to get my mage there next...

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