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June 2010
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Foxy [userpic]
"Only minutes before the dawn, run and hide before the night is gone.."

Haven't posted for a while.. so here's a catch up of things I've been doing. There aren't very many :)

Distant Thunder #3 got finished in time for the London MCM Expo! Yay.
Here's the front cover, colored once again by Cindi Harrington, featuring Taja the thief. (And now you can see
she doesn't actually have black hair, as depicted in the manga itself!)

Went to see a few concerts... truly awesome triple bill, "The Unholy Trinity", Anathema, Paradise Lost and
My Dying Bride all together. Pretty much the founders of doom metal and gothic metal, all in one place for
one night. Oh yes indeedy, it was good :)

Then, with 3 members of Kaldorei Ascendent (WoW guild), we went to Southampton for Turisas (mad
Wagnerian viking metal band) and the one and only DragonForce. Indoor venue did NOT work for
DragonForce's sound, as ZP's vocals got totally lost in the midst of twin guitars and insane keyboard
work, but it was still good to see them live. They really do literally throw beer into the audience too. I'm
sure the cleaners at the venue loved it, carpeted floor and all :)

Before Wrath Of The Lich King came out, I made sure to get my blood elf mage to level 70 on WoW
too. Here's the proud moment :)

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