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June 2010
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Foxy [userpic]
"I walk my own path.. the whole world lies before me..."

So, hello 2009. I hope for all those who celebrate such things, Xmas day and new year were fun. Me, I was working on both of them.

A few days ago I made the decision to leave Sweatdrop Studios, the UK smallpress manga collective I helped found some 7 years ago.
The group has developed so much, and so much beyond just make comics, that I didn't really feel at home there any more. Everyone else
in the group had become specialised to the point they could give art demonstrations and seminars, in person to groups and to magazines,
which is pretty damn cool. But that's not me :) So it's back to real smallpress again, and self publishing as Studio Kitsune. I've been getting
on with some manga styled art for possible sale as color prints later in the year too.

World of Warcraft. Where would we be without mentioning that,eh? Well, personally I'd be bloody lonely, err, more lonely, without it.
Been loving the Wrath expansion, my main character, Night elf druid Lillanthia, is level 80, Kitaen, my insane dps warrior is 74, Typhanee
(see what I did with the name there? :) ) my blood elf mage (and future cosplay character!) is 71.
Only downside I've come across so far is questing was a bit easy - saying that, I'm FAR from seeing all the dungeon content as yet! But,
very entertaining, a nice range of quest types rather than just "go there, kill X number of animals". And to anyone who wants some lore
with their game, Wrath really brings it to you. Not to mention, the Death Knight starting set of quests... magnificently epic.

One level 80 druid, on the 3rd of December :) Levelling with the crazy Frenzyheart guys. I promptly allied with the Oracles instead and got
to exalted with them :)

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