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June 2010
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Foxy [userpic]
"Dig down your heart in this soil, dig it down next to me..."

Despite not getting home till about 2.30am on the monday morning and having to go to work 5 hours later, I had a great time at Kitacon the other weekend.

The drive up was something of a nightmare due to the carpark we lovingly call the M25, meaning I was about 2 1/2 hours late.. I was planning to be about there by the time Cin called! The Ibis where we stayed was functional. Which is about all you need. Annoyingly you had to leave your keycard in a slot to get any _power_ in the room, a pain for leaving things charging up. The Ibis also had the poorest excuse EVAR for a continental breakfast buffet for �5.

The convention itself was good Everything was organised enough that it worked, dealers room was surprisingly small but still decent, likewise for the bring and buy. Hotel had adequate and cheap enough food available too.

Was good to hang with Mary, Subi, Cin, Toffeeliz, Kev.. people were tempted by my catgirl merchandising, though sadly the fridge magnets I'd ordered hadn't arrived in time. Yep, they were
waiting for me when I got home. Typical!

For the curious, my magnets and coffee mugs are at Studio Kitsune @ Zazzle

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