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June 2010
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Foxy [userpic]
The darkest hour never comes in the night..."

So, my US summer vacation is come and gone, sadly. It never seems to last long enough.. I really need to move to the US to be with my girl :)
Flight over was nice, for once a direct flight with Virgin, so no running around Atlanta airport.. or Charlotte.. or some other "we don't understand
overseas visitors" style 'international' airport.
I had all my Anthrocon art already inked and matted (a first!) before going to the States, so all that was required was the drive down from Connecticut
to Pittsburgh.. only to find my credit card company had put a block on my credit card the second it was used overseas!
Joy! So there we were in the lobby of the hotel, unable to pay for the room. Thankfully after speaking to my bank, and then their credit card
fraud department and verifying I was in fact *abroad* and trying to use my card *abroad*, they relented and removed the block, which let me actually
pay for our room. Phew.
We were rooming with tibble_cgress who didn't get in till very very late, so I was very asleep by this point. Thankfully I'd pre-regged, as
the "reg on the spot" lines on thursday for the convention were longer than a long thing. Shock horror, there was one person in front of me, so I had
to wait, ooh, 30 seconds for my membership. This is the way to register :)
I had 4 pieces in the artshow this year, of which three sold! I'm still waiting to see what they went for, when the paperwork comes back to me from
the convention. I also got to take part in the parade for the first time ever.. I'm in some parade videos out there on youtube too. My new bellydancing
costume went down well! Me and Tibble also did a photo session with dragonscales, waiting the AC photos to appear on their website too.
The furryWAM party was a blast too! *giggles*
It was good to catch up on some comics and fanzines, as well as meeting new artists who might be drawing for Anthropomorphine #14 if I can ever
get the pages filled!
I was able to meet my good friend Tavia again, and give the commission conbadge I did to her. Yay!

Hung out with Jadaira for a time in New York state too (somewhere I'd not stayed before, just driven through on the way to better things! :) ) though
unfortunately time was against me visiting Nami and Miharu in PA. On the "tragic news" front, the awesome Phoenix Records in CT had closed
down.. nooooo! Scene of much cd buying of mine in the past.
I also managed to miss seeing VNV Nation by *half a day!* They were playing in CT the DAY I WENT HOME. Grrr.
Finished my Eluluu cosplay as well, and did a nice photoshoot out at a local CT nature center, which made for really good backdrops.

And that's what I did on summer vacation :)
Up next, Ayacon in a few weeks time, which means I need to get my next colour print finished up ready for the dealers table there, as well as getting
as far as I can with pencilling Distant Thunder #4.

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