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Back from my US vacation now, and Anthrocon and all that. And AmeCon in Leicester to look forward to in a few weeks. Con season
is definately in full swing now :)

Anyhoos, the US. First time I'd ever actually gone into Europe on the way to the States. (Note: "on the way" in the loosest sense, ie,
going away from the States, to head back towards them.) First time I'd been to mainland Europe since the EU really all kicked in, quite
strange going to a foreign country without showing anyone a passport, or having any luggage checked. Just like, "welcome, here you are
in a foreign nation. Off you go." :) Amsterdam Schiphol airport has to be the cleanest and brightest airport I've ever seen too.

US customs, instead of their usual mass of questions, the guy was like "When did you come here last?" and "How long are you staying?"
and that was it. Which was nice. Customs officials anywhere usually make me nervous.

Kasi was actually there to meet me, which was also a relief. No waiting for hours this time ;) Before Anthrocon as usual was a busy schedule
of coloring and framing and matting artwork for the artshow. Which I might as well not have bothered with, this was to be my worst
showing ever in an artshow. That all done, it was time to squeeze everything into the car, which we just about did, and head down to PA
to pick up Kimmy who was travelling with us. Luckily three could *just* about fit on the front seat, so all was good :)

Get to the Anthrocon main hotel (which we weren't staying in, but the Marriott Courtyard was literally yards from the main hotel) and get dumped
with a mass of boxes and things for con ops. Me and Kimmy stand around like "uhm, we can't carry this." Eventually a bellhop guy, Mario
"It'sa me! Mario!" decides maybe he should stop standing next to us, and offer assistance. He's gone about 15 minutes looking for a luggage
cart. Not like either of us know where everything is going anyway. So we all get lost trying to find con ops.

Con registration is quick, albeit a bit silly. Taped to the front desks are signs with like A-L M-Z (etc) written on so you know which line to go to
by your surname. Or.. you WOULD know which line were the lines not directly in front of the signs stopping anyone from reading them. Nice work.

First cool thing is to find my "Mayan Meow" piece made it into the convention book. If I add con books and magazine/fanzine appearances, that
makes the 200th thing to print my art. Which is quite a landmark for someone with no artistic skill whatsoever. Second thing is actually meeting
Tavia, we'd been like "let's try and meet up", and then just bumped straight into each other. Which is unlikely in a 3000+ member convention,
but there you go.

Much of friday is spent getting ready for a furry yahoo group party. And then having said party. :) Not divulging details in LJ though, those who
were there know about it already :) Saturday involves actually getting an artists alley table space! I was hoping to, though it seemed unlikely
with the amount of people after them, as it was just a lottery draw to see which names come out. There were like 126 places, I was 52. As it
turns out, this was a huge waste of time. In about 6 hours of sitting there, I maybe speak to 6 people, and sell 3 prints at $5 each. It's been
revealed by AC that the average artist take from artists alley was somewhere in the region of $130. I miss taking part in the furry costume parade
as a result of this too, though at least I have a good seat to watch them go past the dealers room. I did costume once at the con, saturday night,
going over to the Furry Fem photoshoot, which is even more disorganised chaos than the year before, with people taking pictures all out of
sync. and not alerting anywhere quite which camera to look towards. I go hang out with my kitty pal Tibble afterwards though, as the photoshoot
degenerates into a mess.

Sunday ends up being my shopping day, and speaking to artists day. Hopefully I've got a great lineup ready for the next Anthropomorphine issue
now, and an excellent piece of cover art, which I have ready here. The most noticable thing about the dealers den is it's a majority of artists, like
the artists alley just kind of spilled over, and less and less comics and suchlike. Which is a shame. Have a good chat with Mike from
M&T Comics especially as he used to live in England too. The second graphic novel
of Dreamkeepers is out, which is a pleasant surprise. Add some prints
from Michele Light and Terrie Smith, and that's about all I can find. Oh, apart from a little plush fox. I always try and buy a plush fox at AC :)
Collect my artshow stuff back, and find 4 out of 6 got no bids at all, the other 2 went for minimum $10 bids. Which is a shame, I was hoping to do
a little better than that. The other four will go up on FurBid at some point though. Went out for dinner with Tibble at a pretty decent Chinese
place just around the corner from the con, meal for under $10 and way more than I could eat too :) Lots and lots of spicy deep fried tofu cubes
and rice. I needed someone to share it with though :)

And that was it, really. AC just sort of passed by without being anything amazing. Was really nice to meet Tavia, and see Tibble again, but it
wasn't the most memorable of Anthrocon experiences. There was some impressive weather though, as a torrential rain storm swept through
the area. I watched it out of a hotel bedroom, thinking "I have to go out and get back to the Marriott" at some point in this. Thankfully it
stopped :)

The drive back to New England goes via Maryland, as I get to spend three days looking at the inside of a hotel room, while Kasi works. Saving
grace was a) Cable TV and b) net access. So, I could play World of Warcraft lots, which worked out as it was Fire Festival time, and the event
had changed so you had to visit your own fires at minor and major cities/towns, and steal the flames from opposing ones. And get money and
exp. every time. Bowenn, my level 69 tauren hunter got 52% of the way to level 70 just off visiting all that I could be bothered to do. And I finally
got to see the third part of Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith which was surprisingly good IMO.

Other than that, vacation involved some cosplay work, finally getting the Sailor Venus costume finished. And a visit to Phoenix records for
more obscure metal. Yay. Was good to see Raechel, Cindi, Hopper and Brian again in MA for a day, as well as visiting Salem (and the Salem
Inn again). The last weekend was pretty cool :)

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Been ages since I wrote anything. I'm sure everyone was hoping I'd gone away, but no! Alas, that isn't the case :)
As I've not posted since December, this kind of shows you how interesting my life is; though, I did get to spend a
lovely 10 days in New England with my beloved girl. Mostly a domestic type vacation instead of a mad "convention
every weekend" one :) (No, 'domestic' doesn't mean I dressed as a french maid every day and did the housework.
That's an idea though ;) )

I did get the chance to wear my brand new red pvc mini kimono though, which is a great outfit, really nice design
work. http://www.lifeinblack.com/wdresses/tokyored.html
for those curious. No photos of me in it as yet! It worked well with pvc kitty ears and a kitty bell collar :)

Got to go to MinamiCon back in the UK, which is a con I've not attended for some 7 or 8 years, still at the same hotel(s) in
Southampton. Handily there's now three hotels in the same little complex (and a McD's if you're *desperate* for 'food'!). Some
good friends were there, and we got to do the Sweatdrop Studios table as usual in the rather cramped dealers den.
My new comic was finished just in time too. Entitled "Long Distance Love", it's the second issue of a series my good friend
Mary Beard is writing. Think a manga take on Twilight Zone/Outer Limits stories, and you won't be far off!

Tetraspace 2 cover

This one tells the story of two people who live far apart but meet at work and fall in love, and the difficulties of keeping
in touch in the early 1980s (ie, no cel phones!). Much different to my usual art, and there's no catgirls :)
I am also at work on issue 3 of Distant Thunder now too, as well as taking a little time out to do a piece which will hopefully
be in the Anthrocon 2008 convention book. I have my AC artshow space booked and good to go too.

In music news, I got to see Nightwish recently in London. Great concert. This is a band that just goes out and has FUN on
stage, running around, wearing silly hats, cracking jokes and just rocking out. New vocalist Anette fits in just fine, and
perhaps surprisingly, as she doesn't do the operatic range of vocals as Taja did, the old songs sound fresh and still
work fine without the opera style. Support for the night was a band called "Pain". Not the most memorable name, but
they were really good too. For those in the know, this is the new band fronted by Peter T�gtgren; most commonly
known as the founder and main man behind Hypocrisy, as well as being one of the most renouned record producers
in the whole of metal, being producer for Dimmu Borgir, Skyfire, Children of Bodom, and Immortal, amongst others!
So, suffice to say he knows how to work the stage too :) Pain are a crazy mix of industrial metal, throw in some traditional
metal, maybe even some EBM too. Lots of chugging guitar riffs, while the melody section is keyboard driven. Sort of
crossover stuff that would work well on the gothic dancefloor too, think somewhere around Samael, Rammstein, less
harsh moments of Combichrist, and you'd be somewhere there.

Last night saw Aldershot Town win their first major cup tournament, the Setanta Shield
after a crazy 3-3 draw, going to penalties. I was there amongst the 3700 fans :)

And I think that's everyone caught up again :)

Off to see Kamelot with support from Forever Slave tonight.

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Xmas day (for those who celebrate it. I'm a Yule sort of pagan girl myself!), complete with a half day
of work.. and a streaming cold. Happy joy.

Purpose of this post was to get this festive furry pic up for folks to see.. B&W only at this point,
though I suspect I'll be coloring it for Anthrocon sale. (and prints will be on sale too, yes.)

Xmas Kitty!

Have a good festive/holiday season everyone! :)

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So, my favorite comic store is closing. Comics Plus, in Aldershot. Which, despite having moved premises, has
been there for 27 years.. is closing it's doors come the new year. An impressive run, for an independent store,
certainly, but a real shame it's going.

To further emphasise, I've been going there for the last 20 years (which is scary when you think about it!) and
searching through the back issue boxes unearthed such gems to me as Albedo, Critters, Omaha the Cat Dancer,
Furrlough (my issues 1 and 2 came from there), Usagi Yojimbo.. really my first look at the 1908s B&W comic boom
in furry format! Later on, Reality Check! came in there.. not to mention the start of my manga collection, Ranma,
Lum, Outlanders, Caravan Kidd, Oh My Goddess.. I actually dread to think how much I've spent in there :)

When the CCG craze came along, there they were selling singles from the Pokemon CCG (yes, I've enjoyed
playing this).. when Tokyopop took over the graphic novel manga scene, they've been stocking a wide range
of their titles.. but always remembering the smallpress.. especially Slave Labor Graphics, where I've picked up
Lenore, Pirate Club, Fillerbunny...

It's going to be a real shame to see them go. The store even made it (a number of years ago) to Sequental Tart
website, in the "retailer's corner" section. http://www.sequentialtart.com/archive/nov99/retailer_1199.shtml

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Bet you all thought I'd died or something. Or wished that. Naah, just been slack about writing anything here. Such is the excitement
of my life! :)

So, here's some of the things I've been up to since I wrote last.

Another London MCM Expo came and went. It had the World of Warcraft "Darkmoon Faire" associated with it, which was fun. I
entered in the "speed levelling" contest for WoW and came third. Which wasn't bad. Good excuse to buy some more manga as

I went to see Within Temptation live recently. Support from Finnish HIM meets Hanoi Rocks goth rockers The 69 Eyes. Good evening
all round! WT were in fine form, belting out tracks from all their albums, even going back to debut cd "Enter" for a few tracks, including
"Restless", one of my favorites of theirs. For the first time I managed to get a tour shirt for them too (this was the third time I've
seen them.)

Red Fox, my lovely Peugeot 205 got totalled as well. I wasn't happy about this! There I was up in my room when I hear a loud bang
and the house shakes some. I look out the window, though I can't see much of the driveway from the angle my window is at. I'm
looking and thinking.. something isn't right there... takes me a few moments to realise I'd parked my car *front in* and right now it's
facing *front out* on the driveway. So I rush downstairs.. there's basically no back of the car anymore, it's been slammed up against
the garage door.. and across the grass next door, there's a truck embedded into the garden of the neighbors. Gone straight through
their fence and shed, and only stopped because their garden is a few foot lower than the grass, so it's broken the front axle as it's
dropped down into the garden. Turns out someone had stolen it from the greenhouse center up the road, hotwired it, smashed
through their gate (taking out it's front lights), then careened up the A22 before the driver lost control and went through my car and
said fence. Suffice to say both my car and the truck were write-offs. The guy who'd stolen the vehicle ran off too!
As it was so old, it was an insurance right-off and impossible to repair, so meant I had to use my day off to search autotrader.co.uk
and find another Peugeot 205.. didn't feel like a drastic change in cars.. found one that's 19 years old with only 35,000 on the clock.
Was 900 I'd rather not have had to spend, but it's a nice car. Silver/blue with electric windows and sunroof. So, I'll take her photo
soon, but meet Silver Fox!

Vacation soon, I'll be headed to the US on the 9th January for 2 weeks. Looking forward muchly to it! I've been working at the animal
rescue and rehab. center for nearly 6 months now, time has been rushing by! After that, I'm already booked up for UK anime cons
MinamiCon and AmeCon (March and August, respectively).

"Long Distance Love", the comic I've been working on with writer Mary Beaird, is finally finished! Inked the last panels earlier
today, so that'll be good to go for MinamiCon. It's good to get it finished, just got to do all the editing in Photoshop and Illustrator to
make the .tif pages ready for print.

And that's all I can think of that I've done recently. Whee. What an exciting life I lead.

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So, last weekend was AmeCon, in Leicester. My old haunt for the Leicester Anime and Manga Society. Here's a small report of my time!

What sucked for me was a 7 1/2 hour drive from Brighton.. as the M25 was shut, then the first 20 miles of so of the M1 was at a standstill. Getting to the midlands from the south coast is a nasty prospect at the moment, it seems!

Opal Court (which handily I knew where it was, as I didn't get very good directions from Nixon, where I had to park) suffers from having.. a, the smallest en-suite bathroom and shower known to man, and b, the light in my room didn't work. Handily I was only there to collapse in the evenings, as I couldn't really see anything

As a dealer, the space behind the tables was fantastic, plenty of room to move and get past people sitting down, as well as space for stock and purchased items. The cafeteria was decent enough for student stock food. Nothing special, but I knew that already.

Bit of confusion on the friday for arriving, as I got there and checked it to my room around the time the opening ceremony was going on.. which got me greeted with a sign "Convention registration: closed. Come tomorrow". Thankfully Phil who I've known for years was a gopher in the room at the time and recommended waiting in case someone came back from the opening ceremony. A few confused people had gathered by that time. The bar was a problem. This is a university after all, who would expect people to be there.. drinking ?!
Saturday at about 11am, we bought the last 7 tins of Guiness in the place, and that bar was sort of tucked away in a cosplay waiting area as was.

As with nearly every convention I attend, I don't know what I'd do with my time if I wasn't behind a table for a lot of it. I did a little shopping, though, my third convention in a month and all, funds were a little tight I did pick up dvd 1 of Utawarerumono after watching episodes 1 and 2 of it there (the only anime screening I went to at Ame), some Bring & Buy stuff, after telling myself I wouldn't buy any manga, that went out the window, and a nifty pvc figure of Lemnear from the anime/manga of the same name.

The artshow was pretty much stuffed in a corner where you wouldn't really notice it. It kind of needed it's OWN ENTRANCE, instead of being hidden behind the bring and buy tables.

Though the best part of cons for me is meeting people I don't see for years/months otherwise, so it was good for that! It did inspire me to get the hell on with doing manga again too.
Aside from this, I also want to cosplay Eruruu from Utawarerumono now. I think I shall :)

I also need to report on my summer vacation, which I guess I leave for another post :)

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Instant noodles, coffee, cd playing. Art telling me it needs to be drawn. Or maybe that was just the voices in my head.
I think they tell me to "kill everyone" more often though. Welcome to another regular LJ entry from me :)

So, the London Expo has come and gone. Was good
times, apart from the sunday where the rain was bloody awful all day. I got soaked getting to the train station in the
morning. Summer cold coming up? You bet! o.O;

Amongst neat things there was meeting Christopher Lee! Yes, that Christopher Lee. Aiee! IT R Saruman! :) I shook his
hand and said I appreciated his work with Rhapsody on the "Magic Of The Wizards Dream" track. He wasn't
expecting fans to recognise him for that most, he said. Neaters. I should have taken the cd single with me.
Discovering a new keen looking MMO, called Dofus which
has a really cool anime feel. Between Nexus and WoW I've not got time for another one, but it really does look smooth.
Spending more money than planned.. but there was the figure of
from Renkin Sankyuu Magical? Pokaan there.
Wearing my "Save Leeroy Jenkins!" shirt got me to hang out with the UDE (Upper Deck Entertainment) folks, who did
the World of Warcraft TCG - they even put Leeroy in *as* a card, so I picked up the "Through the dark portal" expansion.
Who knows, one day I might play it..

Saturday night also saw Kaldorei Ascendant (that's our guild) and The Ghost Legion send an intrepid, ooh, about 14 man
raid group to a pub in London. Much drinking ensued. More drinking than I probably needed sandwiched in between two
full days of Expoing. Expoing is now a word. Wyst spent most of the time making paper airplanes and throwing them
across the pub. Their seasoned fries are recommended too. Following that was Magnum, the UK hard rock band, playing
just up the road at the Mean Fiddler; the downstairs of the London Astoria. Great night out as a whole, really. They sounded
the best they've ever sounded in a 20+ year career!

Booked up for Amecon now, the main UK anime and manga
convention. Up in Leicester too, my old haunting grounds for the Leicester Anime and Manga Society. Should be good,
I hope to have another comic out in time for that.

Aside from that.. 19 days till my US vacation.. and being in the arms of the girl I love. Awww! Who said romance is dead? Other
than Lisa Simpson, obviously. Which means I really need to be coloring my art for the Anthrocon art show sometime soon.
Please come to AC and buy it. You'll like it. :)

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So Red Fox (my car) started struggling again.. after having the starter motor give out and having to get towed home from work,
now the exhaust pipe has finally given up and cracked (I think it's the original one, from looking at the moldings, which means
it's lasted some 20+ years, which is pretty good going!) - coupled with the large crack on the windshield that I've been meaning
to get fixed for a while.. looks like my wages have a purpose now o.o;

In Warcraft news, my main hit level 70, been enjoying the new Burning Crusade content. My little (not so much now) warrior
hit 60, 63 now.

Lillanthia, druiding her way to level 70. (accompanied by pet Murloc)
Kitaen, warrior at 60. With pet kitten.

Yes, I accompany all my characters with non-combat pets :)

Got my art off to NAF just fine, as well as a two-page mini comic for a special Sweatdrop Studios project. Started up on my manga again,
working on page 17 (I think it'll run about 26 pages) of the collaboration project. Still struggling with drawing contemporary 1980s household
items and backgrounds! Ah well, it's good to push yourself with new art boundaries now and then. I am looking forward getting into Distant
Thunder #3 though, neglected Kansi and the others for too long!

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So, I've not posted for a while. I'm sure nobody noticed :)

Largely because I've not been up to anything in my life, same old. Work, sleep. Repeat.
Convention season is just around the corner though, London Expo coming up in May. I
was hoping to have my newest comic finished by then in pencils, though it's seeming a little

I did do my first furry art of the year though, four images for the upcoming NAF (North American
Fur) issue.. seemingly the only thing I draw for that is still going.

Got my membership booked for Anthrocon in July now.

Attended the Prog Power UK metal festival recently.. what with now hearing of the demise of the
Bloodstock UK indoor festival, Prog Power has pretty much got it made. One day event, at
Cheltenham racecourse (no, not ON the racecourse, but one of the large buildings there), with
a selection of bands, as well as vendors. Opened with "Heed", who had never played the UK
before.. they were pretty good.. as they should be for being part of the sadly-departed Lost
Horizon. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, they've definately got the Swedish thrasy power sound
down.. at their most intense coming across like In Flames, or Morgana LeFay.

Second was Cloudscape.. who definately met the "prog" tendancies of the festival name. Weren't
really my thing to be honest.. prog rock tendancies, something like a poor man's Ten / Threshold.

Dreamscape.. (what is it with these band names ? :) ) followed, some killer choruses with everyone
on the same page.. followed by all the good work being undone with prog noodlings and all the
band members seemingly playing different songs at once.

Communic came on next.. cue listening to one song then going to find food. Progressive and thrash
do not mix.. and the sound quality wasn't great for the band anyway.. they do have an exceedingly
good drummer though.

Haggard made it late, which meant their set got reduced, which was a great shame. They play a
bizarre mix of death metal, with classic/medieval music, and operatic vocals. It shouldn't work by
any stretch of the imagination.. but much as in the same way, Therion's take on that shouldn't work
either, it absolutely does. Superb live, excellent songs. And amusing to see a willowy soprano
vocalist headbanging furiously when not singing :)

Leaves' Eyes were one of three reasons I wanted to go to this festival. Symphonic female vocals
with gutteral male vocals and soaring goth-tinged metal. Having seen them play the
Uk their first and only previous time.. they were magnificent. A great mix of music from their first
two albums, as well as the newest EP, Liv (vocals) as usual looking angelic in corset and sweeping
blue gown. Closing out with "Elegy", the track that should have been a worldwide successful single
and wasn't.. great choice, Leaves' Eyes are surely on the verge of following Nightwish, Lacuna Coil
and Within Temptation into worldwide stardorm.

Kamelot, another reason for attending. I've liked these guys for *years* and never had the chance
to see them live. Kamelot are one of life's enigmas.. classic power metal, with touches of heavy
metal, especially in their ballads.. you'd absolutely be certain they were from Europe.. but no,
rather oddly from a musical standpoint, they're actually from America, which is probably why they've
not achieved the fame their music deserves.
If you read my journal you'll recall their "The Black Halo" was my favourite album
of 2005 too. Live, they pulled together a set from new material all the way back to "The Fourth
Legacy" from 1999 ("Nights of Arabia"). The biggest teaser was a few tracks from forthcoming
"Ghost Opera" album, which sounds just great.. and Khan (vocalist) announcing they'll be back
in the autumn in the UK promoting that one. Sounds good to me! :)

Last up for the night was Jon Oliva's Pain. While many won't have heard of these guys, Jon Oliva
sounds familiar, right? Well yes, he's the mastermind behind Savatage *and* Transiberian Orchestra!
Kicking off with a few 'Pain tracks, things then lead to them performing basically, the entire of
Savatage's immense 1991 release "Streets", arguably the finest album ever recorded.. two of the
tracks from this, "Believe" and "If I Go Away", also amongst my favorite songs of all time. To hear
those live was a real treat. Ending with "Edge of Thorns" (title track from the classic 1993 album)
which of course, on record, *wasn't* sung by Jon, and "Hall of the Mountain King", Jon's unofficial
theme song. Everything sounded note perfect, Jon seemed upbeat and happy to be performing..
which possibly bodes well for one last recording under the Savatage name!

In summary.. great venue, the sound quality got better as the day went on too, easy (enough) to find,
with LOTS of onsite parking, which was a good thing. Free parking too, no less! The vendor area
was small, but more variety than Bloodstock has had the past few years.. with thankfully (unlike
Bloodstock!) vendors realising that bringing cds by the bands performing might be a good idea!
I got myself Kamelot's "Siege Perilous" (their 3rd album from 1998) as well as Morgana LeFay's brand
new "Aberrations Of The Mind", and two from Sirenia, "Sixes and Sevens" (their debut) and new
"Nine Destines And A Downfall".

Following on from that.. and not very metal at all, Barenaked Ladies were playing the following day!
If you know me well enough, you know I like the geek rockness of BNL and They Might Be Giants.
They played a great set, a mix of classics ("If I had $1,000,000", "Brian Wilson", "Old Apartment")
and some of their new stuff, which, admittedly, I've not *heard* "Barenaked Ladies Are Me/Men",
the new double cd! I got one of their concert t-shirts which reads "I went to one of their concerts :D"
and just "BNL" on the back, which I'm sure will confuse any non-fans :)
They did play "One Week", their one and only break-through single in the UK, but sadly didn't do
"Another Postcard", which always makes me laugh.

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So.. I haven't posted here much and while I'm waiting (impatiently) for Disk Cleanup to 'Compress Old Files', to give me enough
HD space to even install WoW: TBC.. I'm killing time. :)

Yes, TBC Collectors Edition too.. Game came through on that, my "I'll order a collectors edition if there is one" pre-order 4 months
ago seemed to do the trick!

So aside from that I haven't been up to much.. took my human warrior Kitaen to level 56, having originally read you could get
through the portal at level 55.. now it's 58. Bugger. Lillanthia my night elf druid has been 60 for ages though, so she's first in
(disk cleanup at 33%) soon as it's installed. I have the theme music cd playing. I have the Shandis Feathermoon figure standing
watch over the laptop *not addicted not addicted*. Honest. I did see Lord Drakki die for the first time ever in UBRS the other night
too.. the curse of wiping is over!

So, still in gaming terms, my little rogue (who really isn't all that little anymore) made Ee San on Nexus TKW, and my not very little
warrior completed her 1000th minor quest (quest to slay a named monster, obtainable 1 every 24 hours) becoming only the 20th
character to ever achieve that goal. Ironically, as the quest is a random monster from the entire quest pool, she got a horse. Yes,
a basic everyday horse. Killing a horse is a beginners quest as well. It was quite easy :) I screenshotted it for amusement sake
and may put it up here. It was difficult to screenshot as she can kill a horse in one hit with her bare hands :)

Aside from gaming.. went to the Iron Maiden xmas concert in London. Was a bit good :) They played the entire of their genius
"A Matter of Life and Death" cd, followed by a mixed set of classics. Killer live version of "Hallowed Be Thy Name" too. Just to
show the non-professional side of Maiden, during the gig Bruce comes up to the mic and announces that there has been a fire
backstage, and as a result all the stage power is going to drop shortly; the main power cables at the venue melted! So, the band
amuse themselves playing football on stage, getting the audience to sing "Always look on the bright side of life" and doing a
Mexican wave while waiting. Trivium were support. I don't like them much. A bit nu and not enough good music.

The Last Dance's newest cd is well worth a listen, "Whispers In Rage", just picked that up (ebay, naturally). Nice blend of
guitar-driven goth with electronica balance.. features Rachel McDonnell as guest musican too (violinist from Cruxshadows).

On to page 14 (half way in terms of panel count) of my next comic, only pencilled so far, going to ink the whole thing at the end
which makes a change for me, I usually ink as I go. Brimming over with ideas in my head for panel layout and stuff for
Distant Thunder #3 when I get around to that, as well.

Cons.. looks like Anthrocon and Connecticon are on the lineup this summer. Otakon is the following weekend, but three cons
back to back weekends.. expensive and exhausting. I didn't get too much out of Otakon last year, other than it was the first
anime con I've done cosplay at.. but I can do that at Connecticon this year. I have two costumes planned and in differing
stages of readiness. (Sakura, from Sakura Taisen, and Belldandy from Oh! My Goddess, for those curious). And obviously
Taisia kitty for costuming at Anthrocon :)

And I can't finish this without raising my glass (of coffee, naturally) to the Philadelphia Eagles, fantastic even in a close defeat
against the Saints last weekend. Written off by everyone when McNabb went down, they battled so well to get to the playoffs
and put those scum the Giants out (no disrespect to Giants fans reading this, we just hate our divisional rivals :) ).. very tight
game, Westbrook and Garcia were on fire, and I'll always maintain that last Eagles offensive drive play call was wrong! Here's
to next year.. and maybe to me doing the Eagles cheerleader Taisia kitty for Anthrocon.

Okay, I'm done. Disk cleanup isn't, sadly (about 40%) .. I have however updated my WoW account to TBC online while waiting.
I can almost feel my frostsaber's feet itching to tear through that gate into the great unknown (in a sort of For Squirrels way,
obsure music quote!).. where I'll probably promptly die. But that's the only one sure thing in WoW :)

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